Stand-Up Challenge 2017


the Stand-Up Challenge is a call to everyone to write, rehearse and perform a five-minute set of original stand-up in one month.

It's not a contest, it's open to anyone in the St. John's area, and it's free to participate.

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2. Write 5 minutes of new stand-up material. Dig up traumatic memories. Write one-liners. Come up with characters. Stories. Good jokes. Bad jokes. Terrible jokes. Then practice. Record yourself. Rehearse it in front of a friend, or in front of a mirror.

3. Put your name in to test your material at an open mic. The official Stand-Up Challenge open mics happen every Monday in July at the Peter Easton Pub in St. John's. There’s an open mic every Monday. Email by the Friday before each open mic to book your spot. Preference is given to people who haven’t had a spot at the open mics before.

4. Performers who have done a Stand-Up Challenge open mic will be able to book a spot at the Stand-Up Challenge Gala(s), happening at the LSPU Hall.



Should I do this?
Yes. Yes, you should.

Does it cost anything to participate?
No. The Stand-Up Challenge is free for participants. Workshops will have a small fee.

I’ve never done stand-up before. Is this just for experienced comics?
It’s for everybody! This is a great chance to try stand-up out in a low-stress environment with lots of other people in the same boat.

I’m an experienced comic. Is this just for beginners?
It’s for everybody! Use it like local musicians use the RPM Challenge: try a genre you've never tried before, or collaborate with someone you've never collaborated with before. It's also a great opportunity to help beginners and help grow the local scene.


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